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Andrea Matulich was a teenager when she began her career as a performer in the turbulent San Francisco Bay Area. Singing and writing music—along with peace activism—were her passions until it all came to a screeching halt when her mother died suddenly. Andy took the blame, gave up her music, and allowed herself to become embroiled in an abusive relationship, including prostitution, as penance.

Fearing for her life, the power of music miraculously returned to give her the strength to pull herself out of this dangerous situation.

After some years of soul-searching she found her way to Seattle where she met and married her husband, musician Cheth Rowe. Art and music is the glue that has kept them together through many incarnations.

After touring with their band out of Seattle for five years, they moved to the Oregon Coast where Andy flourished in musical theatre, original music, and peace activism—including trips to the Balkans where they gave concerts in Sarajevo for Women for Women International.

Sadly an unfortunate car accident changed Andy's life dramatically, leaving her unable to perform to her powerful capacity. In the aftermath, moves back to San Francisco and the Seattle area found Andy reinterpreting her art in different ways, including writing a screenplay about her journey.

Recently forming a new band, the Andy Rowe Trio (A.R.T.), she has come back full-circle to the musical roots she loves and needs!

Quick Philosophy

“At first I didn’t realize the risk involved when you sing straight from your own experiences. It is a very vulnerable feeling.You have to tell the truth. My life has had some rocky roads. I suffered rape, prostitution, and physical abuse, but I survived. I healed myself through writing music and want to share that energy with those in need. I want people to know they can create positive situations for themselves out of the heartbreak and hardships of life. I want my music to have a truly profound effect on everyone who hears it, whether it inspires them, makes them think or lets them cry.”
August 12 at The Tinderbox!
2017-08-12 6-8pm
The Andy Rowe Trio performs live at the former Tinderbox (now the Tinderbox Music Space and Arts Library) Saturday Night. The Andy Rowe Trio includes Andy (Andrea) Rowe, Dan Kersen on guitar and vocals, and Cheth Rowe on piano and harp. See you there!