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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues

Take an emotional journey to war-torn Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina with singer/songwriter Andrea Rowe. In the program, Sarajevo Serenade, slides, conversation, well-chosen classics and songs written from the heart are woven into an emotional and thought-provoking tapestry, touching on land mines, rape, human rights, and the triumph of the human spirit.

In 1998, searching for her Slavic roots in Croatia, Andrea (Matulich) Rowe found people still suffering from a war of intolerance. Their plight inspired her to return and share her gift of music. In May 2001, and June 2002 she and her husband, Cheth, gave free concerts in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina for Women for Women International to very grateful audiences.

On these life-changing journeys through the Balkans they witnessed the devastation and destruction of war, photographed land mines three feet from their car and spoke with a people whose passionate spirit of survival compelled the Rowe’s to create Sarajevo Serenade.

Sarajevo Serenade gently reminds people to become involved in organizations that help promote peace, healing and compassion; to help them step outside their comfort zone and walk, if only briefly, in someone else's shoes.

Andrea’s career began in her teen years as a singer/songwriter for a San Francisco Bay area band. When her mother died suddenly, Andrea took the blame and gave up her music. Seven years later she returned to performing after being encouraged by Cheth, a keyboard player, who she married. In Seattle, she fronted a rock band for five years, but was not fulfilled. She moved to Cannon Beach, Oregon, and became involved in musical theater, but the instinct to write and perform her own music was too strong to ignore. Andrea has completed the circle and is back to her true calling, songwriting and singing from her soul.

“I didn’t realize the risk involved when you sing straight from your own experiences. It is a very vulnerable feeling.You have to tell the truth. My life has had some rocky roads. I suffered rape and physical abuse, but I survived. I healed myself through writing music and want to share that energy with those in need. I want people to know they can create positive situations for themselves out of the heartbreak and hardships of life. I want my music to have a truly profound effect on everyone who hears it, whether it inspires them, makes them think or lets them cry.”

"We are very grateful to you. We still remember your beautiful concert and your beautiful voice. Specially the song HOLD YOUR VISION... We are all here astonsihed beacuse of last events in the U.S.A. [9/11] We all worry for the future of the world but we have to hold our vision." -- Aida Basic (Counsel, Women for Women International, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

"There is no doubt in my mind that having you headline the show made the show as successful as it was... thanks for the talent, time and energy you put into helping us fight poverty here on the North Coast." -- Virgil Bowman (Assistant Food Program Coordinator, Benefit for Clatsop Community Action Food Bank)

“talented artist with a strong commitment to social justice and humanitarian causes” -- (Mercy Corps International, Benefit for Kosovo Refugees)

"What a wonderful gift you gave us...there could have been no better sermon... you are such gifted musicians, and we were elated that you'd share your music with us." -- Arline LaMear (President, Pacific Unitarian Universalist Fellowship)

"I absolutely loved your Solstice Suite! I enjoyed going back and listening to it on the video. I thought it was brilliant." -- Jennifer Goodenberger (Presenter, Benefit for Habitat for Humanity)

"...thank-you for your benefit of August, a rich, life-lusting night of music. You put the theater to its use!" -- Nancy Montgomery (River Theater Manager, Benefit for Clatsop County Women's Resource Center)

"Andrea can be sassy, sexy, joyous or sad but unmistakably [she is] telling you a dream or two...enticing you not just to listen, but to really hear the words wrought from her experience." -- Rebecca O'Day (Benefit for Ecola Creek Awareness Project)

"Andrea Rowe has a powerful, yet soft, voice that makes the heart melt. She's a genuine kind soul...[Her original songs] touch upon issues common to us all...she's known to surprise audiences with songs that defy categorization." -- Lisa Goetz-Bouknight (Director, Arts on Stage, Clatsop Community College)

"I have the highest regard for Andrea; she is a professional performer who brings to each performance a gift of talent, grace and charm. " -- Stephen A. Diehl (Producer, Coaster Theater)

"As a designer and convener of retreats devoted to helping people 'wake up in a world of love, service, and joy.' I depend on working with a musician who is conscious and loving. Intuition. Beauty. Skillfullness. Openness. Compassion. Awareness. These are the qualities I count on when I work with Andrea. She delivers--every time." -- Dana Anderson (Director, Tools for Conscious Living)

"Andrea's original music was extremely thoughtful and inspirational. It was evident by the warm response of the crowd that they had been emotionally conncected to a very moving experience." -- Cathy Mortorano (Cannon Beach Arts Association, Concert in the Park Series)

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