Sarajevo Serenade
My Photo, Please

The widows and orphans were so moved by the American singer who came to their small, decimated village; they wanted their picture taken with her, even if they would never see it.

Photo by Cheth Rowe. 2002
Bosnian Boys

In June 2002 Andrea returned to Bosnia for the second time to perform for widows and orphans under the auspices of Women for Women International. Andrea, herself a rape survivor, and of Slavic descent, felt compelled to give free concerts. After the concert, these boys wanted Andy's autograph. She obliged by signing her business card that has her photo on it.

Photo by Cheth Rowe. 2002
City Graveyard

Graveyards abound in Sarajevo, from city parks to the Olympic stadium. The dead had to be buried somewhere and since folks could not move in and out of the city, drastic measures had to be taken.

Photo by Cheth Rowe. 2002
Mines Closeup

This mine field, 1/2 mile long, is on the main road from Sarajevo to the Adriatic Sea. Mines have made it extremely difficult for people to return to their ancestral villages. They risk life and limb just by trying to till the soil and feed themselves.

Photo by Andrea Rowe (from moving car). 2002
Coca Cola

The best-looking buildings in Bosnia are American-owned companies and gas stations, making it apparent where the big money is. Wasn't this called carpet bagging after the civil war in the U.S.?

Photo by Andrea Rowe (from moving car). 2002