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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues


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Moth to a Flame

Don't Stop

In the Dark

Woman In The Moon

Howlin' Wolf

Dreamin' 'Bout You

I Cannot Be Like You


Hold Your Vision

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L I S T E N   N O W !
Hear Andy sing! For your listening pleasure the following original songs are available for immediate, FREE download and listening in MP3 format. These are full, uncut, high-quality versions (of course, the real CD versions sound a bit better, but these are quite good and very convenient). Enjoy them, and don't forget to pass the word . . .

Moth to a Flame . . .Listen Now
Don't Stop . . .Listen Now
In The Dark . . .Listen Now
Woman In The Moon . . .Listen Now
Howlin' Wolf . . .Listen Now
Dreamin' 'Bout You . . .Listen Now
I Cannot Be Like You . . .Listen Now
Bittersweet (Balkans) . . .Listen Now
Hold Your Vision . . . Listen Now

B U Y   C D ' S
For your long-term listening pleasure visit our electronic catalog of Andrea's CD's and tapes.

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