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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues

WOMAN IN THE MOON   >> Listen Now << (MP3 download 5.1MB)

The Woman in the Moon
Says that the tide is turning
The power it is shifting
It is a time for learning

The Woman in the Moon
Sees all that is below her
All of those who punish
And all of those who suffer

Take care big sister Earth
She says you're not looking well
You've let the humans have their way
And now only time will tell

Can you teach them to repair
The damage that they've done
Can you show them that you truly are
The Mother of everyone

Cuz it is so easy to forget
Just where we all come from
We're only spirit taking form
And we've chosen to be born

Upon the mother Earth
Without you we would not sustain
Upon the mother Earth
We are the only ones to blame
Upon the mother Earth
The damage is being done
Upon the mother Earth
The message must get through to everyone

The Woman in the Moon
Hears those who are complaining
Those who think they need more, more, more
And those who are abstaining

The Woman in the Moon
Sees just what greed can do
Forests gone and oceans ruined
What is to become of you?

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F R O M . . .
Women On The Edge
Women On The Edge

(fifteen new, original songs
from five very talented
North Oregon Coast
women songwriters)

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