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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues
Hey Boy! I've seen you here before
Hey Boy! I've seen your face
Hey Boy! Come on with me next door
Hey Boy! Come on over to my place

You see I've been watching you
Yeah for sometime now
Yes I, I have been wanting you
To teach me how

Hey Boy! Will you kiss me, softly
Hey Boy! Will you kiss me, for the first time in my life
Hey Boy! Will you love me, slowly, gently
Hey Boy! Will you love me, for the first time in my life

Hey Boy! You're my first fantasy
I've been dreamin' 'bout you
Hey Boy! I've seen myself in your arms
What you gonna do?

session notes: Hey Boy! features Maggie Kitson on background vocals.
from   H O L D   Y O U R   V I S I O N
Hold Your Vision
Hold Your Vision
Hold Your Vision   $10.00  
HOLD YOUR VISION   includes:

1. Reflection (© 1998)
2. Dreamin' 'Bout You (© 1998)
3. Howlin' Wolf (© 1998)
4. I Cannot Be Like You (© 1998)
5. Hey Boy! (© 1998)
6. Need To Know (© 1998)
7. No Place Else (© 1998)
8. In The Dark (© 1998)
9. Soul Food (© 1998)
10. Listen (© 1998)
11. Hold Your Vision (© 1998)

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