Howlin' Wolf
The esteemed Reverend Billy Hults contributes washboard funk.
I know you are a Howlin' Wolf
Keep away from my door
'Cause I don't want nothin' to do with you anymore

You are a liar and a schemer
Yeah you take what you can get
But you ain't never dealt with me
And I'll be the death of you yet

'Cause I've seen enough to know
That you ain't the one for me
So take your trouble out the door
But don't forget to leave the key

Try to hook me with your charms
Yeah you are so suave and debonair
But I've been around the block
Honey, let me tell you, you ain't no Fred Astaire

So take off your shiny shoes
And your brand new suit
Of course I kept the receipt
Honey you ain't that cute!

Yeah, you heard what I said
Leave it right there on the table
You might want to leave some of that cash I gave you too
I can't believe I fell for this again

Howlin' Wolf track #3 of Hold Your Vision