Just Like Us
I live in America
Land of the brave and the home of the free
I never knew how it would be
To have bombs exploding all around me

I went to the country of my grandfather
And his father and his father and his father before
Everywhere I looked I couldn't help but see
The ravages of an ugly war

This is a country that was beautiful (Just like ours)
With the sea and mountains and lakes
People devoted to their families (Just like us)
And for their freedom there's been hell to pay

Now I have seen with my own eyes
Bombed-out churches and schools burned right down to the ground
Homes for people just like you and me
With walls full of machine guns rounds

They used to live together peacefully
Until tolerance gave way to what they call “Ethnic cleansing”
It only takes a few persistent devils to stir it up
Stir up a cauldron of hate

So next time you're sitting there in your easy chair
Safe and warm within your home
Take a few minutes and say a prayer
Don't take for granted your freedom
Just Like Us track #1 of Sarajevo Serenade