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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues
I was sitting in my room
Staring at the candle
It was my only illumination, yeah

And I watched as the moth drew near
Drawn to the brilliance of its destruction
And I thought of you
And I thought of me, yeah
And I gave myself
So completely, so eagerly, so foolishly

'Cause you held the magic in your hands
And I fell into your spell
Like sand through an hourglass

I was laying in my bed
Wishing I was dead
When I saw an illumination
It was a light even brighter than your flame
And I heard it call me name
It said Andy, you've got to stop all your self-destruction

That's when I knew
I didn't have to suffer at your hands anymore
And I got myself out of bed
And I walked right on out your door

No longer hypnotized
By your flame
I broke the spell
And I won the game

I said no longer hypnotized
By your flame
And I broke the spell
And I won the game

from   H A N D   O V E R   M O U T H
Hand Over Mouth
Hand Over Mouth
RRR-3341 (This CDR is the pre-release soundtrack for "Hand Over Mouth.")
Hand Over Mouth   $10.00  
HAND OVER MOUTH   includes:

1. Howlin' Wolf (originally released on Hold Your Vision)
2. Moth to a Flame (© 2003)
3. Don't Stop (© 2003)
4. I'm Running (© 2003)

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