Soul Food
I go to the cupboard and open the door
And wonder what am I searchin' for
Something to fill up the void way, way down deep inside
Something to quench the fear of the things I'm too afraid to try

No religion can soothe me
Not even chocolate chip ice cream
No TV or movie
Nothing I see on the page can pacify
Like the Soul Food I need to survive

Sometimes I forget, and those times they are often
And I look outside me for something to soften the blow
But if I remember I connect my soul
And let it flow, let it flow

Sometime's it's embarassing to think what I reach for
To calm me, to soothe me, to love me, to move me
There ain't nothing on this earth made by a woman or a man
That can satisfy me, like my Soul Food can

Soul Food, ummmm!
Soul Food track #9 of Hold Your Vision