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Andrea Rowe
original folk and blues
When you look into my eyes
It always comes as a surprise
How I react
‘Cause I can feel it down to my toes
Honey I know you know
It’s not an act

After all these years you’d think there’d be no spark
But I must confess, baby when we kiss, I can’t wait to hold you, In The Dark

‘Cause you and I were meant to be
I know it’s an old story
We have turned so many pages
But we haven’t come to the end yet, No!

I want to grow young with you
Honey I know when we do
There’ll be no looking back
There’s still so much for us to see
The world is here for you and me
We have got Eternity

from   H O L D   Y O U R   V I S I O N
Hold Your Vision
Hold Your Vision
Hold Your Vision   $10.00  
HOLD YOUR VISION   includes:

1. Reflection (© 1998)
2. Dreamin' 'Bout You (© 1998)
3. Howlin' Wolf (© 1998)
4. I Cannot Be Like You (© 1998)
5. Hey Boy! (© 1998)
6. Need To Know (© 1998)
7. No Place Else (© 1998)
8. In The Dark (© 1998)
9. Soul Food (© 1998)
10. Listen (© 1998)
11. Hold Your Vision (© 1998)

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